Here at Forefront Fitness we know that it isn't always easy to manage our weight at a level that is healthy and that we are happy with.

We know that being overweight increases our risk of cardio vascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. We also know that carrying extra weight puts a strain on joints (often causing pain) and can make getting everyday tasks done very hard work.

We have a comprehensive range of services to help you eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Pick & mix from healthy shakes, exercise plans, food diaries and more.

We are authorised stockist of the Purition range. These products are made with real wholefood ingredients plus a lactose, soy free vegetarian or dairy free vegan source of protein. More than just a healthy protein shake or meal replacement shake for weight loss, with Purition you will be consuming more protein, more fibre, more healthy natural fats and more vitamins and minerals.